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Proposal #3: Adding the requirement to the By-laws to require an interview before a membership request can come before the Board of Directors for consideration. This is an activity that we have always done but is not currently a requirement within the By-laws. This closed a potential loophole. Proposal #4: Removal of the requirement for a November General Membership meeting. The 5 & 10 year plan and the budget that are currently presented at the November General Membership meeting will be presented at the Haul out General Membership meeting in October. The November General Membership meeting is sparsely attended and the information voted on is very important to the Club. Moving those votes to Haul Out will ensure a much larger membership base participates in the process.

Topic #5 : Member of the month: June 2016: • Steve and Diane Marten • Harley and Linda Burris

July 2016

• Bill and Mary Hendricks • Richard and Vicky Raymond

Topic #6: Good of the Order: The Bob and Cindy Swan October 1 st Pot luck dinner has been changed to a traditional thanksgiving dinner. The turkey and gravy will be supplied by Chuck and Sandy Stroh, and all of the other fixing will be supplied by the members. Please be creative and resourceful in your selection. Sandy Stroh donated $110 to have Bill Hendricks call COMCAST and turn on the BTN to ensure MSU football will be viewable at NCYC… A YETI HOPPER will be raffled off on Saturday night, $5.00 per ticket with a maximum of 180 total tickets sold, see Diane Marten for tickets.

Topic #7: Introduction of the NCYC 2016 candidates:

Cash reserve:

• Tim Grennan • Mike Wonderly


• Tony Ellul • Brian Fringer • Dale Hall • Glenn Nixon • John Mantyk • Ron Draper

Rear Commodore:

• Ian Blackburn

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